Cupping Therapy


Did you watch the Olympics and notice those strange round bruise marks on some of the athletes? Those marks are actually from an ancient form of alternative medicine called Cupping Therapy. Cupping Therapy has been around since at least 1,550 B.C. and is beneficial for many medical conditions and pain management. It was used by ancient Egyptians, Chinese and Middle Eastern Cultures, but is now used around the world. There are many types of cups that the therapist can use such as glass, bamboo, silicone and earthenware, all have the same benefits.

Cupping Therapy Can Help:
Loosen Muscles
Increase Blood Flow
Sedate the Nervous System
Back and Neck Pain
Stiff Muscles
Respiratory Conditions

The cups that our therapists use are premium plastic and they create the suction with a special tool that connects to each cup, which allows them to control how much suction is applied to an area.  The cups can then stay in place for several minutes or the therapist can gently glide the cup around mimicking massage motions.   Cupping delivers a reverse type of massage since it pulls the muscle and skin up instead of down as in a massage.   Cupping may be a beneficial therapy to your health and wellness regimen if you feel like you are at a stand still with your pain management, it doesn’t hurt to try something new.  We are always looking to add different modalities to better help with the aches and pains life throws at us and cupping was the perfect thing to add onto our menu.

*the marks left from Cupping can stay on the skin for a couple of weeks, but they are not painful like a bruise would be, even though they can look just like a bruise.  Look at Cupping under the Service Menu on the website for more information and contraindications*